Breakfast Spotlight – Taking Houston Breakfast Catering To A Whole New Level

Breakfast gets a bad rap – it can be known as one of the most boring meals of the day. Instead of plain old bagels or soggy cereal, hire Houston catering service Katz’s to help with your breakfast meetings and try something new! Katz’s is great for Houston catering!

We have all kinds of breakfast dishes that you and your people will love. Try our French Toast Breakfast, which consists of French Toast served with Scrambled Eggs and your choice of Beef, Bacon, or even Turkey Ham! Another American classic is the Pancake Breakfast, which is made of 3 fluffy silver dollar pancakes served with Scrambled Eggs and your choice of the aforementioned meats Ameritex. Never fear, we have waffles too! What sounds better than Belgian Waffles with bananas and pecans, served with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon, Spicy Sausage, or Turkey Ham?

Katz’s also can cater homemade breakfast casseroles, which are one of a kind. Try the hearty bagel bake, the strawberry stuffed French toast, or even the country house breakfast!

If you’re wanting something a little bit more traditional, try the Kontinental Breakfast, which comes with Mini Muffins, Bagels, Danish and Flaky Croissants, seasonal Fruit, fresh squeezed Orange juice, cream cheese, and whipped butter and jelly! Or, for something heartier,  the individual breakfast tacos are tasty as can be. They come with scrambled eggs, cheese and potato pancakes, with your choice of spicy sausage, beef bacon, or turkey ham. And at 1.99 each, you can’t go wrong!