Cocktails are only available at our Westheimer location.

Pictured: Classic Martini

Katz’s Manhattan $9
The classic Gilded Age combination of Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth and Angostura Bitters, with a real Luxardo Maraschino Cherry.

Brooklyn $9
A lighter alternative to the Manhattan: Rye Whiskey, Dry Vermouth, Averna, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, and Orange Bitters.

Classic Martini  $9
The king of classic cocktails returns to its traditional roots: London Dry Gin, Dry Vermouth, and a drop of Orange Bitters, stirred not shaken.

Holy Mary $9
Our zesty blend of tomatoes and spices spiked with Absolut Peppar Vodka.

Mimosa $7
Make the Mimosa of your choice with a mini carafe of our fresh squeezed orange juice, a mini bottle ofJ. Roget and a champagne flute.

Mexican Martini $9
A blend of Herradura Silver Tequila, Grand Marnier, fresh lime and a splash of orange juice.



Pictured: Southside

Corpse Reviver NO.2 $9
A classic hair-of-the-dog featuring Gin, Paula’s Texas Orange, Lillet Blanc, Fresh Lemon and a whisper of Absinthe.

Southside $9
From the 21 Club, a Prohibition-era New York speakeasy, comes this cousin to the Mojito: Gin, Mint, and Fresh Lemon.

Moscow Mule $9
A Cold War-era concoction of Vodka, Fresh Lime and Ginger Beer.

Pictured: Mai Tai

The Big Apple $9
A favorite of the ‘tini craze, updated for the contemporary palate: Vodka, Fresh Apple and a twist of Citrus.

Mai  Tai  $9
Although it’s paternity is often disputed, the allure of this Trader Vic’s classic is not. A tropical fusion of Aged Rums, Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lime and French Almond Syrup

Rockette $9
An exotic Katz’s original in the tiki style: Vodka, Fresh Lime and Grapefruit, laced with elegant Orgeat and Island Spices.

Pictured: Rockette

Long Beach $9
Gin, Vodka, and Rum conspire with sweet and tart Berries to create this festive concoction.

NY Blues Margarita $9
Chase the blues away with this combination of 100% Agave Tequila, Paula’s Texas Orange, Fresh Lime and Blueberry.

Marc-A-Rita  $9
Named for our founder, a classic formula of 100% Agave Tequila, Paula’s Texas Orange, and Fresh Lime. Served up or on the rocks.

Hurricane Judy  $9
A mix of Malibu Coconut Rum, Amaretto, fresh tropical juices and topped with a floater of Bacardi 151.

Absolut-ly Cherry Lemonade $9
Absolut Citron, Cointreau and lemonade with just a hint of cherry.

Cafe Theater $7
Bailey’s Irish Creme, Creme de Cacao, Frangelico and fresh brewed coffee.

Millionaire’s Coffee $7
Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Creme, Cointreau, Frangelico and fresh brewed coffee.


Draft $5
Brooklyn Seasonal
Brooklyn Lager
Fireman’s Four
Weisse Versa Wheat

Domestic $3.50
Shiner Bock
Miller Lite
Michelob Ultra
Bud Light Lime
Coors Light

Imports $4.50
Dos Equis Lager
Guinness Pub Draught
Stella Artois

Featured $5
Angry Orchard
Dos Equis Lager



URLO, TOSCANA RED $9 – Intense aromas of black cherry, prunes and vanilla with notes of mint and Modenese Balsamic. Fruity and full-bodied with flavors of dark cherries blackberries and blueberries. A long and persistent finish with silky tannins and lingering vanilla notes. Pairs well with steak or a burger

CHATEAU STE. MICHELLE, CABERNET SAUVIGNON INDIAN WELLS $10 –The Indian Wells Cabernet is a warm climate ripe, jammy “New World” style of Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine typifies the Wahluke Slope region with dark fruit aromas and flavors. Syrah adds an enhanced richness and concentration to the wine. Pairs well with beef.

SPAN VINEYARDS, CENTRAL COAST PINOT NOIR $9 – Aromas of red berries and fresh flowers are complemented by Asian spice notes that add complexity. Juicy and precise, the wine showcases energetic raspberry and bitter cherry flavors. Pairs well with steak or salmon.

THE SEEKER, MALBEC $9 – Aromas of fresh red fruit and spice dominate. This wine is smooth and robust, with juicy, ripe black cherry flavors culminating in a lingering, spicy finish. Pairs perfectly with cured and grilled meats


ESTANCIA, UNOAKED CHARDONNAY $9 – Aromas of Asian pear, key lime pie, mango and green apple candy. Succulent pineapple, orange blossom and citrus flavors. Pairs perfectly with Smoked salmon, cream-sauce pastas, and chicken

RUFFINO PINOT GRIGIO $9 – Intense, clean notes of meadow flowers, pears, and pleasant hints of golden apple. Fresh and fragrant, yet complex, showing refined notes of sage and mint, with a nice touch of minerality typical of Pinot Grigio. This wine pairs well with chicken, salmon or a fresh salad

KENWOOD VINEYARDS, WHITE ZINFANDEL YULUPA $8 – Luscious aromas of ripe raspberry and strawberry blend with exotic tropical flavors. Pairs well with many foods including, chicken or salad

CHARLES SMITH WINES, KUNG FU GIRL RIESLING $9 – White stone fruit, white peach and apricot. Cool and delicious. This Washington Riesling pairs well with a full spectrum of Deli favorites.